In his 1974 novel The Island, J.G. Ballard tells the story of a London architect who, as a result of an accident, ends up in an area between expressways. The island of the title is a no man's land, a forgotten patch of modernist road planning. The novel's protagonist experiences on his own bruised skin how architectural modernism is transformed into a postmodern heterotopia. Frantically, he tangles among plants overgrown with car wrecks, building ruins, remnants of former infrastructure and a makeshift rubbish dump. Orski took up residence for a few days under the A2 bypass road in Warsaw's Praga district. He combined photographs with objects and materials found on this ''concrete island'' of his.

Witek Orski

Witek Orski is a visual artist and photography theoretician, a graduate of philosophy at the University of Warsaw. He creates photographs, photographic installations and video works. He describes his practicę as post-conceptual photography. He explores relationships between images, and is interested in the social functions of photography and its status in the field of art. The exhibition medium itself is also an important tool for Orski - his series of works are arranged in a kind of visual essays in which the reception of each object is carefully designed. He exhibits in Poland and abroad. He obtained the title of Doctor of Arts at the Faculty of Intermedia at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. He is a lecturer at the Łódź Film School. Lives and works in Warsaw.

Rok powstania: 2022
photography installation
Courtesy of the Artist