Psychogeographic Views is a series of drawings, texts and photographs that are an impressionistic record of walks taken by the artist and the blind runner Grzegorz Powałka through the streets of Warsaw. The resulting map is a collage of intertwining perspectives - the artist records her walks in drawings, while Grzegorz uses words. The two different perspectives complement and reinforce each other. The work consists of souvenirs from the outings: a dictaphone, pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, sketches, a rope for a blind runner. All these objects bear witness to the simultaneous existence of multiple personal images of the city.

Paulina Pankiewicz

Paulina Pankiewicz works in performance, drawing, illustration, video, and carries out site-specific projects. She often enters into a dialogue with the spatial structures of the city, examines, observes and describes them. She finds equally strong inspiration in nature. She explores these two themes in the context of space, time and movement. Pankiewicz is a graduate in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2007). She obtained her doctoral degree at the Intermedia Faculty of the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. She participates in exhibitions and creates performances. Lives and works in Warsaw.


Rok powstania: 2019/2020
pencil, marker, crayon, pen and acrylic paint on paper, map, digital prints, voice recorder, notebooks, rope, thin pen, pencil, metal box, pencils, erasers, metal sharpener, graphite, digital photographs
Courtesy of the Artist (map design: Magdalena Piwowar)