Our combined Warsaw transport infrastructure includes: 75 trains of the Warsaw Underground, 26 tram lines, more than 1,800 city buses (of which as many as 160 are electric), trains of the Mazovia Railway (KM), trains of the Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) and the Fast Urban Railway (SKM), and the Veturilo city bike system.

The above-mentioned resources provide us with free mobility and raise the standard of living in the city. Well-functioning democracies are renowned for the high quality of their public transport services, and free mobility gives a freedom of movement.

The entrance to the exhibition Streetfight arranged in cooperation with the Warsaw Trams. A replica of a bus stop post from between the wars was crafted by employees of the R3 mechanical workshop. The bus shelter is authentic, having been found and donated to Warsaw Trams by Jacek Rudowski and Marcin Dziubiński.


Rok powstania: 2022
exhibition view
Courtesy of Warsaw Trams