The first Pedestrian Critical Mass set off at noon on 30 September 2017 from the de Gaulle roundabout, under the slogan 'We are all pedestrians'. The organisers symbolically nailed 16 pedestrian theses in front of the headquarters of the City Roads Authority, postulating, among other things: wide even pavements free of obstacles, replacing unnecessary footbridges and underground passages with zebra crossings, pedestrian zones in each district. People on foot in Warsaw are not treated fairly. The pavements are too narrow, cluttered with cars and e-scooters, not always cleared of snow and often damaged. Many places lack pedestrian crossings and those that do exist are dangerous. Six similar marches were held. Each time, the route was along streets that are the least pedestrian-friendly. It is no coincidence that Pulawska Street was the protagonist of the Pedestrian Critical Mass three times. The organisers of the Walking Mass include: Miasto Jest Nasze, Zielone Mazowsze, Rodzic w Mieście (Parent in the City), and Warszawski Alarm Smogowy (Warsaw Smog Alarm).

Barbara Jędrzejczyk

Rok powstania: 2017–2022
photography, cardboard, paint
Courtesy of the Author