The theme of Różycki's paintings is growing up in the countryside in economic and social exclusion along with the shame associated with the situation. An important motif in his paintings is the story of his relationship with his brother, with whom he communicates thanks to his car. They take turns driving it, as illustrated by the artist painting the two steering wheels. Where he comes from, the car is a symbol of class status but, at the same time, it easily becomes a kind of substitute home on the exhausting commutes to Warsaw. Using a car is sometimes the only way to get out of smaller towns where public transport has been eliminated.


Maciej Salamon

Maciej Salamon works in painting, printmaking, music and illustration. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where he currently teaches graphic design at the Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia. He is fascinated by unpredictability, freedom and diversity in art. He is the vocalist and guitarist of the necro-polo duo Nagrobki (The Tombstones), with whom he records albums and has performed at festivals: Open'er in Gdynia, Off in Katowice, Unsound in Krakow, as well as at 14 documenta in Kassel or the National Museum in Krakow. He was a member of the Krecha art group publishing a periodical under the same name. He creates music videos and animations. He has received numerous awards for his work at animation film festivals in Tokyo, California, the Yach festival, as well as a prize for Young Artists from the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk. He ran the company's Galeria Gablotka at the Gdańsk Shipyard and organises exhibitions at the Dwie Zmiany club and gallery.

Rok powstania: 2022
acrylic paint and markers on canvas
Courtesy of the Artist