The artist recalls that he often returns home from walks with his dog with the hubcap of a car. Illegal car parks have become inherent features of urban spaces. Cities are not made of rubber, and with the increasing number of cars, parking spaces are replacing green spaces. Cars dominate areas that should also serve non-motorised residents. The sense of being surrounded and overwhelmed by a sea of automobiles inarguably prevails over the pleasure of being outdoors. In the film collage projected in the exhibition, Kanna shows the patent for mobility, namely the passion for cycling. It gives the artist a sense of freedom and becomes an important inspiration for his art.

Jakub Kanna

Jakub Kanna is an interdisciplinary artist. His works combine art and sport, destruction and beauty, as well as the future and the present. A youthful energy and opposition to the contemporary routines and barriers posed by late capitalism emanate from his art. His childhood was filled with sports education. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Fine Arts in Poznan (2020), where he is continuing his master's studies at the Faculty of Intermedia. Over the last few years, his work focused on VELO-ART, with the bicycle serving as a medium. He is currently working on a new series centred on imagined futures. He has been exhibiting in Poland and abroad since 2018.


Rok powstania: 2022
video, 4'49" (Music: Daniel 58, Animation: Kuba Matuszczak)
Courtesy of the Artist