The painting comes from the Warsaw series and was created for the 5th Festival of Fine Arts in 1974. In his early works Dwurnik referred to Nikifor of Krynica and creatively interpreted his drawing style of depicting streets and architecture. The Construction of the Central Railway Station shows the panorama of the Aleje Jerozolimskie avenue at an important moment of its reconstruction. The monumental shot of one of the most prestigious investment projects of the era of Edward Gierek's government captures the moment when, alongside the construction of the station, underground passages were created to give priority to cars by increasing the number of traffic lanes. Today, traffic segregation in cities is met with criticism from users and is gradually being abandoned.

Edward Dwurnik

Edward Dwurnik (1943-2018) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, graduating in the studio of Professor Eugeniusz Eibisch. He was one of the most important Polish painters of the 20th century, who devoted a great deal of his work to architecture and the street. He depicted the urban diversity of cities and towns, and Warsaw, where he spent his entire adult life, was his main source of inspiration. In his later years, he painted the city from memory, allowing himself changes in its topography and fantastic architectural visions.

Rok powstania: 1974
oil and acrylic paint on canvas
Collection of the Museum of Warsaw