According to researchers, air pollution and related health problems are responsible for the premature deaths of more than 50 000 people in Poland and around 6.5 million people worldwide. Smog is primarily attributed to burning coal in heaters, but in large cities it is contributed to also by traffic. We breathe in exhaust fumes from tailpipes, but also abraded fragments of tyres and brake pads. Studies show that the bigger the street, the higher the concentration of the poisonous mixture in the air. The intensity of smog is also influenced by speed: the faster the cars drive, the more pollutants they emit. The white and red flags, displayed in urban spaces on festive occasions, were put up for longer this time. The white material absorbed the pollutants that enter our lungs on a daily basis.

Wojciech Surała

Rok powstania: 2022
polyester, wood, metal
Courtesy of the Author