Kozicki's series of paintings is the story of two traumatic days spent in Warsaw custody. The artist views the city streets from a police car, he has limited access to information and medicines necessary for proper functioning. He feels as if he were in a space of systemic oppression that dehumanises detainees. Receiving legal aid or being able to smoke a cigarette turn into great achievements. As the artist recalls: "Between the procedures and the angry yellow walls of the detention centre, there is only the naked life of calling for medical help only in serious cases".

Adam Kozicki

Adam Kozicki is a painter. He is also close to the idea of (post)art, in which social commitment is permanently combined with creative activism. He is a graduate of graphic design and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He has been exhibiting in Poland since 2019. He is the 3rd place winner of the 45th edition of the Bielska Jesień Biennale, as well as a finalist of the 19th edition of Hestia Artistic Journey.

Rok powstania: 2022
acrylic ink from airbrush on canvas
Courtesy of the Artist