As the whole world debates the future of fuels, Alenso creates an installation that shows the uncertainty of economic turmoil. This is especially true for countries facing the 'resource curse' - such as Venezuela, home to the world's second largest oil reserves. Russia used the fuel economy to blackmail the West during the war in Ukraine. In turn, resources in other parts of the globe, such as Venezuela, are contributing to humanitarian and economic crises. The title of the work refers to the projected inflation rate in Venezuela in 2018. The objects that make up the installation convey a catastrophic mood of crisis, an expression of resignation and melancholy. They seem like mere pawns in a game much bigger than themselves.

Ana Alenso

Ana Alenso is a Venezuelan artist who creates installations which often consist of objects found in junkyards. The foundation of her work is based on research and scientific studies, as well as interpersonal exchanges with environmental activists. She explores the theme of global resource dependency and its accompanying political, social and economic exploitation. She holds a degree in painting from the Armando Reverón Institute of Fine Arts in Caracas, Media Art and Design from the Bauhaus Universität in Weimar (2012) and Art in Context from the Universität der Künste in Berlin (2015). She has held artist residencies at the Goethe Institut, Chile (2019); Villa Sträuli, Winterthur (2020), among others. She has been exhibiting internationally since 2005. She lives and works in Berlin and Caracas.

Rok powstania: 2018
Venezuelan banknotes, oil drum, counterfeit bill detector, inkjet print on canvas, LED lamp, PVC booth, amplifier, scrap metal, leaf blower, vacuum cleaner