Opening of the exhibition „Streefight"

We invite you to Museum on the Vistula to the opening of the exhibition "Streetfight" as part of the WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCITON festival. This year's 14th edition of the WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION festival addresses the issue of the life of a city street, today almost entirely dominated by cars.


At the core of the WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION festival lies the question about the universal design of streets so that they are accessible and friendly to all residents. We believe that the streets of Warsaw can accommodate everyone.

The car has become a symbol of modernity. In the works of art and films presented at the exhibition as well as during the festival meetings, we will be showing various aspects of a lifestyle based solely on cars. We thus hope to generate a discussion on the effects of congesting the streets with car traffic. An excellent example of this will be a presentation, prepared jointly with the Warsaw branch of the SARP, of the history of the Avenue of Jerusalem, once a lively urban street that has come to resemble an expressway.